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Dec. 6, 2018

The defence ministry approved two military procurement proposals worth around Rs 3,000 crore, which included Brahmos supersonic cruise missiles for the Navy's two stealth frigates to be built in Russia under a recent Rs 8,000 crore contract inked between the two countries.

Russia is engaged in the ban:

The missile deals with Russia have been executed at a time when the US has banned the deal of arms from this country. Under the Katsa law, the US has announced a ban on all countries and their institutions, which will buy military goods from Russia.

 Defense Acquisition Council:

  • Defense Acquisition Council was established in India on October 11, 2001 for procurement and acquisition for improvement in defense and security of the country.
  • A comprehensive structure under the Defense Acquisition Council (DAC) Ministry of Defense, was constituted for overall guidance of the Defense Purchase Process Process.
  • DAC is the top body of the Ministry of Defense decision-making on defense procurement.
  • The objective of this is to provide clearance for the purchase of weapons and equipment to be purchased for the protection of the country and to keep in mind its views and reports in this regard before the Ministry.