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Security forces on poll duty to get honorarium: -

Addressing a long-standing demand, the Election Commission on Thursday announced that the central armed police force and the State armed police personnel deployed on election duty will be paid an honorarium. Honorarium ranges range from a minimum of Rs.2,500 for officers, Rs.2,000 for subordinate officers and Rs.1,500 for other Ranks for any election duty which is of 15 days or less. “If the duty period exceeds 15 days, there is a sanctioned enhancement of Rs.1,250, Rs.1,000 and Rs.750 per additional week for the three categories respectively,” it said. However, the Commission said the maximum honorarium to one person will not exceed the total one-month pay. In Lok Sabha elections, the total expenditure on the honorarium will be borne by the Centre, and for Assembly elections, the respective State or Union Territory will pay up. “In case of simultaneous elections, the expenditure shall be shared between the Centre and State/UT on a 50:50 basis,” said the orde

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