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GSLV-F05 lobs advanced weather satellite INSAT-3DR into orbit: -

The Indian Space Research Organization’s GSLV-F05 rocket successfully placed INSAT-3DR advanced weather satellite in the intended orbit on September 08 evening. The satellite is expected to provide a variety of meteorological services to the country. The country started on the GSLV rocket plan in the late 1980s and early 1990s so as to be able to put its 2,000-kg communication satellites to geosynchronous orbits at 36,000 km in space from its own soil. It suffered a setback from geopolitics combined with high-technology commerce: Russia, at the behest of the USA, went back on a deal to transfer critical cryogenic technology for the last and crucial stage of the rocket. Starting in the mid-1990s, ISRO has developed its own cryo engine and has tested it on three vehicles since 2010. Twenty years on, that old dream vehicle is about to become ready for regular work. On the eve of its flight carrying the weather satellite INSAT-3DR, A.S.Kiran Kumar, ISRO Chairman and the fifth to p

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